The term holder can be used in various contexts, among them its use as an adjective can be highlighted, which refers to that person who exercises a profession or a position with a title or official appointment. The notion of title, on the other hand, is related to the recognition given to a person for their knowledge, their ancestry or other characteristic that stands out from the normal. On the other hand, in the world of sports, it is known as a starter that is characterized by regularly intervening in the formation of the team that starts a match. In this context, we can talk about starters (those who are on the field when the match starts) and substitutes (reserve players). Finally, headline can also be defined as the action of giving a title or name to something (“I don’t know how to title this story”) and each of the titles of a newspaper or magazine

One of the most common uses given to this term allows to designate that individual who executes a position, a trade or a profession, who has the corresponding title to be able to perform it. On the other hand, it is very common to hear the term holder in the field of law, this is because that way is defined as that individual who, at the request of a document or writing, acts as the owner, owner or beneficiary of something. .

For its part, in the field of journalism, a headline is the name by which the title given to news and articles is called, whether in newspapers, magazines, television programs, etc., which is also characterized by appearing in letters capitalized and highlighted. Generally, the headline summarizes in a few words the most outstanding thing about a piece of information.

Similarly, the term holder is applied to account for the recognition that is given to a person thanks to their knowledge, ancestry or any other curiosity that they possess.

In the sports field, to be more specific in team sports, it is in another of the contexts in which we also find the use of the term owner, since that is how the player who is part of the regular team is called.