The intense headache, intermittently is commonly known as migraine, migraine or headache, its causes are of infinite variety but the most common are stress, foods such as chocolate, bananas, junk food, cheeses, spicy among others; alcohol such as red wines. Age, although it does not distinguish it, in children they frequently suffer mainly due to lack of glasses; In women, hormonal changes tend to trigger migraines, worsening during menstruation. Oral contraceptives can also cause severe headaches, lack of sleep, and obesity.

The symptoms vary, there are the types of oppressive in the skull that seem to have a tight helmet, the pulsating ones that go from soft to sharp beats; the electrical ones that are cramps that go from the base of the skull to the top of the head; the drill type pain that prevents sudden movement and as its name indicates the explosive that prevents all normal action in the human being, the visible symptoms when having any type of these pains, affect vision by keeping the eyes closed, facial spasm, in many cases dizziness, nausea and vomiting, tearing and redness of the eyes, many become more serious requiring urgent medical attention. For example, neck stiffness, tingling in the hands and legs, inability to see or open the eyes, among others. Among the preventions we have to lead an orderly life and a correct diet with regular exercises, avoid smoking, reduce the consumption of caffeine such as soft drinks, a good state of mind avoiding depression and go to a neurologist if the symptoms persist.

No headache, if controlled, can lead to major problems, that’s why it is prevention to avoid major evils such as strokes and death. With medication for headache without medical prescription we can keep a simple headache at bay, but if they make a distinction of gender since in women they are more frequent than in men, women when they reach menopause increase headache head to a higher percentage than normal.