Harvoni is a drug combined with two others, such as Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir. This medicine is used to treat hepatitis C virus (HCV) in adults. Its presentation for sale is in film-coated tablets; each tablet contains 90 mg of ledipasvir and 400 mg of sofosbuvir.

Harvoni is the first combination medicine used to treat severe genotype 1 hepatitis C virus infections, which has been shown to be very effective, with just one dose a day.

Sofosbuvir is a nucleotide analog polymerase inhibitor. Ledipasvir is an inhibitor of the HCV NS5A replication complex. Both drugs combined in Harvoni intercept the enzymes that favor the expansion of the hepatitis C virus.

The effectiveness of Harvoni was shown in clinical studies in patients who had not yet been treated and those who had not responded to previous treatment. The results obtained were satisfactory, where almost 94% of those who received Harvoni achieved a positive virological response.

However, this medicine is contraindicated for patients who have or have had: liver problems other than hepatitis C, kidney problems, HIV, or heart problems. Similarly, it is not recommended for pregnant women.

How should Harvoni be taken?

It is usually taken once a day, with or without food; what is recommended is that it be done at the same time. This medicine must be administered under medical supervision.

Some of the most common side effects when dealing with this drug are: feeling tired, fatigue, headache.