Coming from English roots and defined mainly as the set of physical and tangible components and devices that make up a computer. Also branched into two types of hardware which are: the basic hardware, which is specifically the cpu, the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse. And the complementary hardware that is described as all other components such as printer, scanner, webcam etc. Hardware is also made up of various types of groups listed, specified, and briefly defined in the following order:

Input device: defined as all those that send external information to the central processing unit.

Chipset: it is the most important part of the computer, since it allows it to function as the main axis and allows information traffic between the microprocessor and the rest of the components of the motherboard.

The Central Processing Unit: it is made up of one or several microprocessors that are in charge of executing instructions, and managing and processing data in exact definition, it is the brain of the computational system.

Control unit: responsible for controlling that the instructions are executed and decoding them so that they are later executed in the processing unit.

Logical-arithmetic unit: it is the processing unit where all the corresponding logical and arithmetic operations are carried out.

Main or primary memory: in this memory is the RAM, which is an integrated circuit that stores programs, data and information temporarily because its content is lost when the RAM memory is turned off, it can be read and written, therefore it can be modified. The ROM is recorded on chips directly from the manufacturer, it is read only and it is unmodifiable. And the CACHE, which is just a high speed system which provides a quick access copy to the user.

Secondary or auxiliary memory: it is the memory which allows information to be stored in devices that are not internal such as floppy disks, CDs, external memories, among others.

Output device: are all those devices that receive the data sent by the computer and allow them to be externalized, such as printers. Plotter, headphones etc.