This word comes from the word “felicitas” which translates as “fertile”. It is a state of mind that is related to satisfaction and the pleasure of experiencing feeling happy or pleased with a certain situation, news, event, etc. The concept of this word is considered subjective and relative since there is no way to categorize or measure an index of happiness in a subject.

Therefore, it is summarized as a result of an activity where the factors stimulate the well-being of the person who feels or practices it at that moment. There have been different studies that analyze the depth of happiness and its objective in people and that is sought throughout life to achieve a certain level of satisfaction.

There are people who feel fulfilled by meeting professional goals which fills them as a human being, many others feel happiness being parents, traveling or even money and material goods and not meeting these goals that often are not raised but Rather, they feel frustration, which would be the opposite of happiness.

In the case of religions, the spiritual is associated with happiness, being a state of the soul that, by purifying itself and accepting God as a whole, creates a sensation of peace. As with other emotions, the reason for being and the reason that stimulates or awakens it is completely different for each human being, so they do not mean the same thing for everyone. Happiness is defined as an internal process that will depend solely and exclusively on the ideals that a person experiences and proposes.

We also find that joy and happiness are not taken as equal since happiness requires emotional and rational stimuli, but joy can be experienced while being happy or you can be happy but not happy. However, it is taken into account that happiness can be produced by small things accumulated during the day.