Hallucination is a word used to refer to the act of hallucinating or staying hallucinated, that is, being confused or raving about a situation that is being experienced; This term has an etymological origin from the Latin “hallucination”.

The first professional to determine hallucination disease was the psychiatrist Jean Dominique Esquirol in 1837, who described it as alterations in perceptions without motive or rationality, that is, visualizing situations where there are no real objects or people; In other words, hallucinations are nothing more than the sensation of perceiving a vision that is not in existence and that is not caused by some factor that influences the perception of the senses, or that is the same to say sensations that are not related to the external environment but that the individual fervently assures that they exist, some examples include: hearing buzzing without bees around or seeing people who are not in the room, etc.

Professionals in mental illness describe that hallucination is the product of a false perception; It is important to differentiate the term allusion from an illusion, since the illusion is nothing more than the perception of different stimuli in a distorted way while hallucination are sensations that for the patient are totally real and tangible without any distortion, patients with this problem Mentally, they can suffer hallucinations of any kind: visual, tactile, olfactory, taste or auditory, so it can be concluded that these false perceptions can affect any human sense.

It is important to know that hallucinations are not only evidenced in psychiatric patients such as those with the schizophrenia disorder, but that they can also be present in epileptic patients or those who have another neurological condition that affects their senses; A triggering factor of a hallucinatory process is the consumption of drugs or narcotics that disinhibit or completely disconnect the patient from the reality they live, as is the case of cocaine users who have a feeling of constant persecution, this being the most common hallucination in this type of addiction.