An inhabitant is one who occupies a space, said space can be a dwelling, region, country, etc. We can then speak of the inhabitants of a residential complex, the inhabitants of a neighborhood, the inhabitants of a country and in a universal way, the inhabitants of the world. There is a study that is carried out by specialists in the subject, which is responsible for analyzing the number of inhabitants residing in the world.

This study is known as a “demographic study”, this analysis is carried out when you want to know, based on certain factors, the number of inhabitants on the planet. First, the number of births, the number of deaths and life expectancy must be identified. Now, based on these data, it is that we proceed to know the estimated number of inhabitants on the planet.

In general, rural areas have the least number of inhabitants, compared to large cities. In small towns, where the inhabitants are few, generally, everyone knows each other. Otherwise, it happens in cities, since obviously due to its size, it is a bit complicated for everyone to know each other.

Each area, whether rural or urban, can present advantages and disadvantages for its inhabitants. In the case of the rural area, among the advantages is the tranquility that it can offer its inhabitants, as well as security, since in these areas it is unusual criminal acts. The disadvantage would be the lack of employment camps and educational institutes at the university level, for young people who want to progress.

In urban areas, on the other hand, the advantage would be precisely the variety of educational and training centers, which allow people to train as professionals and opt for a good job. People who live in cities also have at their disposal everything they need to live well: services, food, clothing and footwear sales, etc. The only negative is the prevailing crime that keeps the city dwellers in anxiety

At present, the number of inhabitants located in the metropolises rises more every day, due to the few opportunities offered by the countryside, which has resulted in an overpopulation in the urban core.