We refer to a Habit when we refer to an act that we take as a habit, it is an action that someone performs so many times that “It becomes a habit for her”, Habits are usually simple movements of people to complement their life of moments and functions, many times a habit can be a distraction for those who carry it out, “It is natural to see Mrs. Márquez feed the pigeons every day in the square when she goes to the bakery to buy bread and juice”, they are customs, characteristic of human beings that adapt to the environment that surrounds them. Habits can be the correspondents of a mania, which becomes an obsession in certain cases.

From a more psychological point of view, we can affirm that the human being is capable of getting used to an action, to the point of needing it to feel good about himself. It happens as in the following example, «The teacher Laura when she goes on a trip to spend a vacation with her son out of the city, a week she misses having coffee at her desk, because for her, for so many years it is a common habit and part of the daily work routine and other functions. When a person changes an object that they are used to using, they will automatically feel uncomfortable with the new, since this thing that they replaced, adapted to their needs and tastes, it has happened to all of us that when we change the mattress of our beds , the rigidity of the new one makes us miss the old one whose shape molds itself to the body.

When the human being feels comfortable, he will not hesitate to continue enjoying that comfort, affective habits for example, if a person feels comfortable with another, feelings will be born to the point that he will share with them the time that is available, it will be a habit living with that person, the same happens with moral habits, the behavior of the human being is based on principles founded in society, doing good or doing evil, it can without any problem become habitual among them.