green card

Green card as its name in Spanish, the Indian, is an identity document similar or similar to a green military documentation, which was born in the middle of the years of 1977, which after being a document required by the United States government, is It was printed in several colors almost at the end of World War II, changing its colors for the year 2006, when obtaining it, a white and yellow card was observed, denoting a green stripe in the background to remember its origin.

The personal data of the person who owns it is printed on this document, such as the full name, photograph and all personal information relevant to the case, a document that should never be left behind, since it is mandatory to carry it as a secure identification of the individual at the time to be required by the authority, such as immigration agents, a requirement required of all foreigners living in the United States, although those born there are not required to fill any.

Being a visa for non-citizen immigrants from the United States, it is used to have a work permit for life, the applicants are from all over the world, when a person is selected, they will be able to take their family group to live in the United States because They will already be authorized for this legally, thus obtaining the residential and work permit.

The Green Card is obtained by participating in the Diversity Lottery, or Diversity Visa that is organized annually, the benefits are endless when obtaining the green card, you have all the rights to opt for United States citizenship, vote and be elected as representatives of the community, such as establishing their own business, requesting credit, living, working, studying, having social security, throughout their lives together with their family group.

When you win the lottery your spouse and children are immediate holders of the benefits, when you study you get the benefit of student scholarships and student loans given by the US government, and the most beneficial thing is that after 5 years , are eligible to apply for citizenship and when marrying a US resident, the term is shortened to 3 years, which by passing the required time in 90 days will be able to make the relevant requirements to have citizenship.