Graphics card

A Video Card is a computer element that deciphers and decodes the language that is produced within the computer’s processor to convert it into symbols, images and representations that can be understood by the end user, in this way, the video card is the computerized device that processes the final result that the system produces for the computer for the user. Video cards are known as graphics cards or video accelerator cards, these can be integrated into the main board (GPU: “Graphic Processing Unit”) or be a peripheral that gives the terminal a special or more optimal performance.

The first video cards that existed were in the first computers that tuned the television signal, processed the data that came through the radio antennas and displayed them through a monitor illuminated with lights in a drawer. Computers today are the main trade for video cards that offer higher resolution or higher capacity to connect displays to a single computer. Video cards have evolved in parallel with the quality of images taken by cameras.

The invention of HD technology (“High Definition” or “High Definition”) forced video cards to incorporate interface connectors with greater power and to have a much greater processing capacity HD “High Definition Multimedia Interface” or “Multimedia Interface of High Definition”), which also influenced essential characteristics such as RAM, processor and storage capacity of computers.

Other devices that have given video cards a revolutionary use have been video game consoles and smartphones. In home gaming stations, much more sophisticated graphics cards are used that are capable of more effectively detecting controller movements and settings, as well as supporting the different types of games that can be played. For their part, in smartphones, in the form of GPUs, they process the data in these small pocket devices, creating an ambitious telephony business in which the screens with the highest resolution are the ones that sell the most and bring the best graphic experience to the user thanks to to the combination of power between the processor and the GPU.