Grapefruit or grapefruit is the name given to the fruit that comes from the grapefruit tree; According to experts, this fruit appears due to the spontaneous hybridization between Citrus x sinensis and Citrus maxima in the 17th century in the plantations of the Caribbean Sea. This has a spherical shape of about 15 centimeters.

Grapefruit or grapefruit, a citrus whose consumption provides health benefits due to its excellent medicinal properties. Grapefruit, Citrus maximum, is a citrus fruit native to India, from where its consumption and cultivation spread to many other countries around the world.

The incorporation of grapefruit or grapefruit to the usual diet reports many health benefits. In fact, if you want to do a cleansing diet or a diet to lose weight, grapefruit or pomelo would be our allies due to their nutritional properties. Furthermore, grapefruit seed extract is also very popular for its medicinal properties. The following will indicate what the grapefruit or grapefruit is for:

Rich in nutrients and vitamins, 90% of the content of grapefruit is water and that gives it a great capacity to satisfy the stomach. In addition, it has fewer calories than other citrus fruits, such as oranges, tangerines or lemons, and some of its compounds could act favorably on insulin levels, a hormone related to the accumulation of body fat.

Its characteristics are that its shell is yellow or half orange inside it is pink, there is also a variety that is more similar to lime, with a greenish skin and green water inside, its flavor is usually very acidic, but this will depend on what species of grapefruit it is. The main producers of this fruit are the United States, China, South Africa and Mexico.