In the former Soviet Union, the Gosplan was the name given to a commission created exclusively for planning the economy, whose primary objective was to create economic plans every five years. The term Gosplan is an abbreviation of the Russian words “Gosudárstvenny Komitet po Planírovaniyu” which mean State Planning Committee. This was created in 1921 thanks to an opinion made by the so-called Council of People’s Commissars, belonging to the RSFS, under the initial name of the State Planning Commission of the RSFSR.

The first measure taken by this organization was the so-called GOLERO Plan, which was a large-scale economic measure that sought the recovery of the Russian economy, later with the emergence of the so-called Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, it proceeded to create of the so-called State Planning Commission belonging to the USSR, using the abbreviation Gosplan ever since.

In its initial phases, the function of Gosplan was to advise, its main goal being to correctly coordinate the economic methods used by the Soviet Union, in addition to developing plans with common purposes for the Union. By 1925, the elaboration of economic measures by Gosplan began to be carried out on an annual basis, its work being supervised by the Central Directorate of Statistics, the Economic Council of the Union and the Narkomat since their economic plans had to be based on according to the statutes of the Soviet Communist Party.

By 1930 the Statistics Department became part of the ranks of Gosplan. In 1955 this body was divided into two different commissions, one was renamed the Council of Ministers for the USSR State Commission for Advanced Options Planning and the second was named the Council of the Soviet Union Economic Commission Ministers of current Planning being the latter the person in charge of preparing the plans every 5 years, which they delivered on behalf of Gosplan.

The main headquarters where this body operated was located in Moscow, specifically in what is currently the building for the Federal Council of the State Duma in Russia.