The gospels are, within the Christian faith, the narratives of the work and life of Jesus Christ, in addition to the teachings that he left to the world. Traditionally, these are attributed to Matthew, John, Mark and Luke. These are fundamental pillars in the Christian religion doctrine; This, it should be noted, is of Abrahamic roots, monotheistic in tone (he only believes in one God) and basically revolves around the actions and words of Jesus, the only son of his main deity. The gospel, as it is known generically, also speaks of the beginnings of life on earth, the appearance of men on the face of it and the series of stories that take their offspring as protagonists.

The gospel, as a whole, divided into books, are what make up the holy scriptures or the bible. This book tells how God promises Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that his offspring would be the one that would free humanity from its sins, dying, in honorable conditions; these stories are grouped in the so-called “old testament”. It is from the New Testament when the circumstances of the birth of Jesus begin, as he grows to leave home, along with his subjects, to preach, perform miracles and convince people to abandon sin and join the flock of God.

The question of who really wrote the gospels has plagued scientists for years. In recent years, a theory has emerged that Mark’s gospel is the oldest, and was used by the other evangelists as a source, John being the most recent. They have been dated to around AD 65 and 100. c.