Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the web browser created by the company Google INC. Considered the fastest browser in the world, in a short time that Google Chrome has been developed you meet its main objectives, fast, safe, practical, stable and with a unique minimalist sense, which gives the user the greatest comfort when browsing By the web. This browser is part of the Canadian giant’s expansion plans to other fields of the web. It can be installed on almost any operating system and is available in 50 languages. The secret of the speed of Google Chrome is based on the ability of the browser to process JavaScript codes, which are used in most web pages.

Apart from being easy to use, Google has features that make it a favorite, such is the case of customizable themes, the presence of the “Omniboox” bar is what combines the address bar with the search bar in one, which facilitates access to the pages with a single click, in addition, it also has a presentation page in which the last or most visited favorites are shown in large boxes centered on the screen, with a screenshot as the cover, their history, allows you to find without any problem, a recent lost page with the integrated search engine systems.