Kindness is a virtue typical of human beings, it is characterized by the compassion that people feel, at a given moment, for their peers and also for animals, always acting for their benefit without any personal interest, simply the fact of making others feel safe, happy, and loved. Etymologically, this word comes from the Latin “bonitas” derived from “bonus” which means good and the suffix “tat” which when transferred to the Spanish language becomes “dad” which means “quality”, so goodness is the attribute or quality of being “good”. The person who practices kindness is called “kind”, being kind means being benevolent with those around him, always seeking the benefit of others through humanitarian actions, relieving human pain, defending human rights and By caring for their most basic needs, people like Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Pope John Paul II exemplify what it means to be kind.

Kindness is usually accompanied by other values ​​such as prudence, generosity, humility, patience, among others. This beautiful value has been exposed in different writings of specialties such as philosophy, ethics, and religion; where kindness appears as the truest and most natural particularity that the human being can feel, and which can be magnified or counteracted, depending on the environment in which the person has grown up.

Kindness is present in almost all religions, it is one of the most essential elements of each doctrine. For Christianity it represents a fundamental foundation, the goodness of God towards human beings and the goodness of Jesus Christ in giving his life to save humanity. According to the bible, people who act with kindness know God better, and lead a life of happiness, however many times individuals are kind only to people close to them, that is, people they appreciate and love, for example : your relatives, your friends, etc. But they are not usually kind to people who are not to their liking, however, the Bible also comments that the human being is surrounded by grateful people and ungrateful people, but despite this, the one who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ must be kind to both the grateful and the ungrateful.