Good night

Christmas Eve is a Christian celebration in which the birth of Jesus Christ, son of God on earth, is celebrated in many ways depending on the region. Christmas Eve is a festivity placed on the calendar between December 24 and 25, the date on which, according to the writings and tradition, it took place in a small and modest manger (a small room set up for farm animals to take their food) at the Virgin Mary and Joseph, her husband to spend the night in which she would give birth to the son of the Almighty Lord.

This festival, clearly celebrated by those who profess religions derived from Christianity, is considered perhaps one of the most important in history. The nativity of the child God for the fervent is an event worthy of praise, happiness, Christmas represents joy, the enthusiasm of knowing that something so sacred and so blessed touched the earth, and since childhood, full of love and miracles to all who surrounded him and today, he is an immortal character, who lives in the beliefs of those who follow his doctrine.

Christmas Eve varies according to the traditions and customs of each country. However, everywhere the celebration of Christmas Eve with the family, sharing native foods, alcoholic beverages and fireworks with loved ones. To celebrate Christmas, the customs that are manifested represent some symbol with which the Lord Jesus Christ is known. Among the most outstanding is the realization of a smaller-scale representation of the place where Jesus was born, this miniature manger includes all the characters of the story and on the 25th at midnight the small figure of a child with a halo between Mary and Mary is unveiled. Joseph. The rooster masses, typical of Latin countries, at midnight. Buy new clothes to wear the night of that day as a symbol of renewal and abundance, and the preparation of many typical meals for the date to share with the family and neighbors.

Christmas Eve is a very special day for the Christian family, the spirit received throughout that month and especially on December 24 is a sign that human beings and their cultures are unique, revealing and mystical.