Golf is a sports and recreational activity whose main objective is to insert a small ball of about 46 mm in diameter into a hole, this by using various clubs, specially manufactured for the practice of this sport and classified according to the player’s requirement. For a specific moment, it should be clarified that each golfer may only have a maximum of 14 clubs for each game. This sport is generally carried out in large areas of land where a total of 18 maximum holes must be distributed and 9 minimum, being the winner the one who finishes introducing the ball in each of the holes and with the fewest possible strokes.

In general, golf courses have 18 holes in total (in some cases they may be less), these holes must be classified numerically in succession and each one of them must be different from one another in order to make the game more competitive. Between the starting point, which is called the “tee” and the green (area where the hole is clear and with very low grass where the hole itself is located) there is a path called fairway, in this area you can find various obstacles to those that are known as bunkers (trees, traps, sand and lakes) that will make it more difficult to move the ball from one end to another. At the ends of each hole is the raf, an area of ​​tall unkempt grass, which makes it difficult to hit if the ball lands in that area.

The green for its part has a hole where the ball must be inserted, said cavity is identified with a flag so that it can be seen.

With regard to golf clubs, you can find a great diversity of them, however each one has a shaft and a handle in addition to the handle and its head, however each club will have a specific function as required by the case. , since for example in cases where the head of the club is made of wood it is used to reach long shots, while the metal one will be for medium distance shots and in unfavorable cases, another very useful club is the putter, very effective to take the final shot and pocket the ball.