It is one of the materials or elements desired by man in yellow, in its purest, dense, resistant, energy conductive and resistant to cold and heat state. Despite its solidity, it is very moldable since it is used to make jewelery garments with an exquisite presentation and superior beauty. It is highly coveted since ancient times, since the Egyptians used them for their decorations and represented wealth, purity, value, rank, as well as the beauty of the time and since ancient times the human being has struggled to possess it; From the first Olympics to the modern era, the true achievement of competing was in winning a prize of invaluable value.

In the family of the periodic table you find it in group 11, having an atomic numerical value of 79. It is a highly commercialized element, that is why its extraction is done on large scales such as excavations or underground exploitations, before doing research on the resource of the gold in its natural state and its purity. Countries such as Japan, Korea and China have invested both time and money and technology, the latter being the largest importer of gold in the world. And speaking of past times from India to the Romans passing through Greece, gold was known and exploited since 2,000 BC. The history of gold in the world is very remote and varied and has been used in different ways, such as gold bars that represent the wealth of a country stored in its state reserves. This mineral has had good and bad times such as the aforementioned gold rush of the 1800s, where many lives were claimed for its search, but many had their blessing when they got hold of the desired treasure, hence many movies and television series where the protagonist of everything is gold.

It is also known for its mystical and healing powers, for some nations such as the Celts, who performed protection and healing rituals as in animals and humans; since they help rheumatism and reduce inflammation in certain areas of the body, although it is not harmful to health, it is not well absorbed by the human body, even in modern times it is used in dentures to repair teeth or as a symbol of purchasing power and fashion to adorn the smile of many of the high society or fashionistas.

Many terms are given to gold, symbolizing its use for many things; like asking for the hand with a remarkable jewel or using it as wedding rings and if they are privileged to celebrate the golden wedding with the precious material still in their hands.