Goal is a term with which it is known to the objectives or purposes that a person usually raises in everyday life. When the component of any organism complies with all the established parameters of the task, it will obtain the result of its execution or goal. The goals can in turn be a tool for those processes in which the elaboration of a product, the obtaining of knowledge or the fulfillment of an expectation is pursued.

What is meta

The term has its Greek origins with the prefix meta, which refers to a time after, beyond or future. The word is used to identify a specific end to the actions that are intended to be carried out, as well as the wishes or thoughts of a person, in this way, a purpose can be spoken of as a synonym for goal. It is necessary to emphasize that there are too many meanings of this term, not only as a personal purpose, but also as a future achievement or a specific place.

When referring to a specific place, the basic example is the fact that there is a river called meta, it is located in southern America, right in the Colombian mountain range and functions as a kind of border between that country and Venezuela. .

It is important to make a reminder, this is that the goals in life are characterized as an attempt to achieve the deepest personal desires, for example, “one of the goals in the life of every mother is to give her all her love and raise to their children as they should ”.

Finally, the term is also applicable in sports, either in race competitions where the participants must reach the goal, that is, at the end, which is identified with a goal flag, it can also be used in football with goalkeeper terminology.

Meta in English is written goal and can be interpreted to define relationships, friendships, family, etc.

Goals characteristics

Like any other term, this word also has a series of characteristics, the first is that it must be an achievable purpose, that is, it must be something real and beyond a simple dream or illusion. The second characteristic is that it must be observable, what is meant by this? It must have a starting point and start from today so that it can be fulfilled in a given period of time.

The third and last is the period of time in which the goal must be materialized, that is, it must be finite and fulfilled in a specific time, otherwise, one cannot speak of purposes, but of Platonic dreams.

Now, it is imperative to mention the difference between goal and objective within this aspect, this is because many people take it for granted that they are identical terms, but the truth is that they have certain characteristics that totally differentiate them.

The purposes are steps used to reach the goal, that is, to achieve a deep thought, a dream that little by little can materialize, that is why the term is divided into short, medium and long term purposes, because they have a specific time frame to be fulfilled.

On the other hand, the objectives are different, more extensive and in their scope are the specific and general objectives. In the etymology of meta they define the word as a limit, to achieve a purpose and already, in the etymology of object, an allusion is made to reaching places, proposals or objects.

Types of goals


And as mentioned in the previous slope, this term has 3 types classified into 3 aspects that will be explained below.

Short-term goals

These are the purposes that can be fulfilled in a few periods of time, that is, a few days, weeks or a few months, a basic example for this is to pass an exam with excellent grades or buy a communication device.

Medium-term goals

They are those that can materialize in a longer time, since it is necessary to exert some effort to reach the goal, for example, reach university, graduate, have a good job with respect to the degree that was studied, etc.

Long term goals

It has to do with those purposes that take many years to be fulfilled, for example, buying a house, a car, starting a family or international goals such as traveling around the world.

Goal formulation

To formulate the purposes it is necessary to start asking a series of questions, some such as what do you want in life, where do you want to go, why you have chosen that path and, finally, how to achieve that purpose.

Once the questions have been asked, it is imperative to specify each goal and make it as explicit as possible, so that it cannot be changed due to confusion or a mere attempt. It is also important to note that each purpose must be perfectly agreed, especially when it comes to something drastic, for example, moving to another country or city.

Now, for these purposes to be fully successful, it is necessary to have a good focus on who you are, what you want, do one thing at a time and not get busy trying to meet too many goals, manage both time and mind. and observe the strategies to be applied.

If each of the aforementioned steps are taken into account, not only will the formulation of goals be achieved, but they will also be easily executed on a personal level without losing criteria or individual identity.

Examples of goals


Knowing the achievements both personal and of other subjects is quite simple, this is because there are many applicable purposes in various situations, but everything tends to depend on the aspiration that one has, for example, lose weight, learn to speak one or more languages, learn to play musical instruments and sing, form a band, improve attitude and have good family communication, have a good position at work, write a book, reach the goal in a career, etc.

There are too many projects that can be completed in different periods of time, but there are also those that are classified according to personal aspiration, for example:

Personal goals

In many aspects of daily life, people have expectations, issues that they want to have, acquire or achieve, but for this they must meet requirements or conditions that are generally not at hand, so it is necessary to do a function such as For example, raise money or go on a diet to meet the goal that would be to buy the car or get into old pants.

In studies, at any level, the person outlines the knowledge obtained in the classroom or laboratory, combines it with what is obtained from the bibliographic review and establishes a time and learning conditions. You will meet your goal when you feel ready to be assessed by your facilitators or teachers.

Business goals

In a work area, it is necessary to chart a course, the objectives of which will be the final product or service provision plan determined by the company. In addition to a hierarchical system, a goal program is also designed for employees, in which through incentives, penances or bonuses, they are attracted by the purpose of fulfilling the goal set by the boss or supervisor.

Sports goals

The term is also widely used in sports, the end of a race line, the checkered flag of a race track or the end of a road is called the finish line. This complements in a simpler way the idea that a goal is the end of a process, the culmination of a task or the result or achievement obtained in a certain task. In some Spanish-speaking countries the word goal is used in Soccer to describe the goal where goals are scored, the goalkeeper is called Goalkeeper.

Each person achieves their goals according to their capacities, limits and aspirations, the important thing is to know that, sooner or later, everyone will achieve even one purpose in their life, it may take them a few years to do it, but in the end they achieve it because it is part of human life and survival.

Frequently Asked Questions about Meta

What is a goal?

It is a purpose that must be executed with a series of tools or elements to achieve dreams or thoughts that people have from a young age. it is about overcoming.

What are goals for?

To achieve the deepest desires and this is perceived as a kind of personal improvement, although this does not mean that it cannot be applied professionally, at work, in sports, family, etc.

How do you set a goal?

With positivity, time limit, enough realism, focus, dedication, specifying each of the goals that is intended to be achieved and executing tools for one purpose at a time.

What is the difference between goals and objectives?

The goals have time limits and a series of characteristics that differentiate them from the objectives, in fact, the objectives are broader and more expansive than the goals, that is why they are classified into general and specific objectives.

How to define your goals?

It takes focus and dedication, being realistic about the tools that are going to be used to achieve those goals.