It is a hormone produced by the pancreas, which is responsible for regulating the amount of glucose in the blood and is involved in the metabolism of glucose, among its variety of functions, is to release the glycogen reserve that is stored in the liver; thus causing the elevation of glucose in the blood when there is a sudden lack of it, stimulating the amount of amino acids and increasing glucose in greater quantity. It is called the stress hormone, which if it were to release excessive amounts in the body, this sudden increase is capable of recovering a person from a state of loss of consciousness caused by hypoglycemia.

It is called a stress hormone, because it stimulates the catabolic process and inhibits anabolics, having an effect on the liver through this process, activating glycogen phosphorylase and deactivating pyruvate kinase. Metabolically, it induces hepatic catabolism and increases gluconeogenesis. Muscularly, it helps acute intestinal relaxation, produces energy with Beta stimuli, decreases insulin release. the importance of glucagon in the relationship with insulin is to maintain the balance between both elements, not having this balance triggers different evils in the human body; one of them is diabetes, being the high rate of glucose in the blood by not producing the necessary insulin by the pancreas; This happening in the human organism leads to its death.

The other extreme is hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, these low levels become serious causing hypoglycemic coma and decompensation of internal organs; In these two cases, they cause death if this hormone is lacking or diminished in the human body, since its important task is to notify the liver to discharge the production of glucose in the blood, to be distributed throughout the bloodstream. With a rich and varied diet with carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, pasta, cereals, it is a healthy and natural way to get healthy glucose. Being so small, this hormone has a very important function in the human body, which demonstrates its fragility, and that its malfunction affects its physical capacity, and endangers its very existence.