Global warming

Global warming is defined as the phenomenon that in recent decades has been affecting the planet earth and refers to the progressive increase in the temperature of the oceans and the atmosphere without mentioning that said increase is projected even more in the near future, that is, With this phenomenon, as shown by the different climatic changes that have been occurring in recent times, some of the effects that global warming is having on the planet is the increase in the levels of the oceans, caused by a melting of the great glaciers, as well as the destruction of large extensions of jungle, produced by the increase in temperature, which mostly affects the animals and fauna of these places. Without a doubt, the main responsible for this phenomenon is man, since the indiscriminate use of the earth’s resources as well as the emission of different types of toxic elements into the environment have accelerated this process.

Said increase in both the temperature of the atmosphere and the sea have serious consequences in the different activities in which man participates, whether in the places where he lives, the food that he can grow, as well as the place where the crops are grown. themselves. It is for this reason that it is necessary to know how fast and how much warming is, in addition to its causes, since such knowledge makes it possible to apply new ways to manage resources and thus be able to preserve life on the planet for much longer. weather.

An issue that is closely related to global warming is the so-called greenhouse effect, which originates at the moment in which some gases found in the atmosphere begin to retain heat, which makes these gases allow the passage of light. , but still maintain the aforementioned heat. This happens in the following way, first the light that comes from the sun reaches the earth, where it is used and the rest is returned to the atmosphere but this time as heat, part of said heat is absorbed by greenhouse gases, while the rest is returned to the atmosphere, but as these gases increase, the greater the heat that is retained and, consequently, the greater the damage to the planet.