The giraffe is a type of animal that belongs to the group of mammals, it comes from the African continent and is considered the tallest animal in the world; It belongs to the Giraffidae family, it is found in the south of the Sahara and in the northern region of Botswana, occupying open spaces, savannahs and, to a lesser extent, grasslands.

It is an animal with sexual ambivalence, that is, there is a male and a female, the weight of the male is approximately 1,900 kg with an approximate height of 5 to 6 meters, quantifying from its horns to its legs; the females are smaller than the males since they are 2 to 4 meters tall and their weight is approximately 1,100 kg, this is the length that allows them to have ideal access to the leaves at the top of the trees .

Both sexes have the peculiarity that their front legs are longer than their hind legs, this explains why they must flex and open them to be able to reach objects at ground level such as drinking water or food; These herbivorous mammals, despite being very tall, are very slow when it comes to running, the maximum speed is about 60 km/hour, they sleep little since they only do it for two hours a day. The horns of these animals are known as Ossicorns and are formed by totally bone tissue, females usually have shorter horns compared to males and as time passes, males can present a third false horn as a product of storage of calcium.

Giraffe fur is mottled for both sexes and its color will not vary, what could be changed is the color tone because it is directly related to the state of health of the animal, the tongue of these animals is very long, measuring approximately 50 cm and these use it to clean the area of ​​​​their ears. The way in which they communicate with each other is through the emission of sounds that are imperceptible to the human ear, for this reason in any movie the giraffes are silent, these sounds are sent by waves within the infrasound group impossible to hear by the man.