It is the activity that consists of communicating an underlying idea through gestures. Gesticulation can be composed of different forms of body movements including the face, head, limbs, etc.

In general, the processes in which they are gesticulated are also linked to an oral communication process. Therefore, people often accompany the content of their verbal expressions with gestures that give more intensity to the ideas. Sometimes the gesturing process is deliberately incorporated into some activities, such as acting.

When a speaker makes a public speech, he must take care of this aspect to have a correct command of body language. The same happens in the case of those professionals who work on television presenting a program and are aware of the value of communicative presence. In this case, you can observe the gesticulation of a presenter by lowering the volume of the television to fully concentrate on the information provided by your own physical presence, the way you move and know how to be.

This is a natural process and can hardly be imposed. This means that people involuntarily communicate different emotional states and that this process is difficult to generate artificially. Thus, for example, the emotions of pleasure or disgust are expressed in the facial muscles whose movement escapes our will; if we try to simulate a smile, for example, we can use some of the muscles that are used, but never all of them.

The actors are professionals capable of playing very different roles, they embody characters that allow them to give life to different stories. For this reason, actors have a clear mastery of their body language.

As a laughter therapy exercise, you can also gesticulate with funny facial expressions and look in the mirror to see the photo it projects. This exercise is fun to relativize and put a point of comedy to reality. Gesture exercises are also widely used in laughter therapy workshops for the benefits they bring to their connection with humor.

Therefore, it is an effective way to greatly understand the aspects that people manifest of themselves. Given how difficult it is to manipulate, it also manifests itself to many of us, although we do not notice it at first. It is especially important to understand these phenomena if you have any type of activity related to interpersonal communication.