Geocentrism is known as an astronomical theory that determined the Earth as the center of the Universe and that the other planets were part of its surroundings. This belief was supported by Aristotle in the fourth century BC followed by Ptolemy much later. It was taken as a valid explanation until the fifteenth century when Copernicus and Galileo presented completely different theories to the world such as Heliocentrism, which proposes the sun as the center of the universe and the other planets revolved around it.

This theory was based on the circular movements of the planets, being called epicycles. There were other theoretical principles that accompany this belief such as the finitude of the Universe and the world divided into two different spheres (sublunar sphere and supralunar sphere). Despite not being a theory accepted by scientists and even today this belief is maintained by some extravagant researchers, they still wonder what was the reason for its acceptance through all those years, 20 centuries specifically.

At that time it was thought that the earth did not move and that in turn it occupied the entire center of the Universe. Assuming that man was the center of creation in humanity, it could be concluded that therefore the earth was also, which was somewhat logical, this theory was called Anthropocentrism and was the complement of geocentrism, being even accepted by the Christianity. These explanations were losing strength in antiquity when Aristarchus of Samos presented his hypothesis, which were rejected by the church.

In the fifteenth century, Copernicus and his investigations were the ones that finally weakened the theory of geocentrism, which was called “The Copernican Revolution” since the investigations presented by him on planetary movements were the ones that determined the contribution of other astronomers in the theory. Heliocentric. Among the best-known contributions are Tycho Brahe who observed the spheres of the Moon noting that they were not immutable, demonstrating that some data from geocentrism were completely wrong, in addition to having Kepler’s Laws introducing planetary movements based on the elliptical orbits seen from a telescope and Galileo’s observations in order to put an end to the theory of geocentrism.