Gender identity

Gender identity comes from the English “gender identity”, it is the subjective perception that a person has about himself, in terms of feeling man or woman, which is also considered as the psychological or psychic sex that contributes one of the three types such as sexual identity that is a complex process that begins at fertilization, but becomes key during the formation process and even in vital practices after birth.

Sexual orientation refers to a pattern of sexual, sensual, emotional or loving attraction to a certain group of people defined by their sex. Sexual orientation and its study can be divided into three parts, being heterosexuality characterized by desire and attraction to people of the opposite sex where men are attracted to women, while women are attracted to men and bisexuality is that which is determined by affective and emotional sexual seduction towards people of both sexes

Gender role is a set of social norms that are the rules that individuals must follow for a better coexistence to which the behaviors, tasks and activities of the human being and behaviors that are perceived and appreciated by men and women must be adjusted. in a given association or system, depending on the social construction it has of masculinity and femininity.

The observation of individuals of different sexual identities, such as parents and relatives, can be a model to develop self-identification, which can be influenced by biological and genetic factors.