Gender Fluid

The fluid gender is one where various sexual identities can be located. It usually manifests as a change between masculine and feminine or neutral; although it can encompass other genres and even identify with more than one gender at the same time. People who are characterized by being gender fluid can change their identity frequently, depending on the context.

The fluid gender sets lapses where it undergoes changes, sometimes it identifies itself as a woman and other times as a man, it can also have stages where it does not identify with any.

A person of fluid gender is born with morphological traits of a specific biological sex and decides not to include any binary gender (male or female). In this way, the fluid gender is not defined by their sexual orientation or by the presence of certain sexual traits, but by an identity attachment to both conventional genders.

There are specialists such as the neurologist Vilayanur Ramachandran who developed a hypothesis, in which he affirmed that the variation in identity presented by fluid gender subjects is due to changes in certain areas of the brain; however this is only a hypothesis.

Because it is a relatively recent concept, social networks have been a factor that has contributed to the fact that the term fluid gender is increasingly recognized among the population, in addition to the statements of personalities from the artistic world, who have assumed to be part of the fluid gender . As an example is the Australian model, actress and TV presenter Ruby Rose who claims not to belong to either of the two binary spectra and says she does not really feel like a woman.