The term fusion deals with the unification of two elements; so it is a word that can be applied to various contexts. In the business world, for example, when talking about company mergers, it means that two organizations that used to work separately now decide to join together to fortify themselves and thus raise the level of their income.

At the political level, when two or more political parties decide to unite, in order to have a greater chance of winning, they are talking about a merger. The same thing happens in music, when artists decide to mix different rhythms creating a totally original one. Colors can also be merged and thus create new colors, as when yellow is mixed with blue and green is obtained, which means that thanks to the merger a totally different result can be obtained, depending on what is being used. wish to have.

In the field of physics, the word fusion is also used, in this case it is to define the change or transformation that a matter undergoes, going from a solid state to a liquid state. This happens when the solid is progressively heated in such a way that it begins to produce a gradual fluctuation of its molecules due to the integration of energy, until reaching the level where the atoms begin to decompose. It should be added that each of the substances has its own melting point

Now, the necessary amount of heat to give rise to a solid-liquid fusion is called the molar heat of fusion.

In the case of metals, the most common is that it is called casting, instead of fusion, however the procedure is similar.