Friendship can be defined as the pure and disinterested personal affection, generally reciprocal, that is born and strengthens between two or more people and that most human beings hold in high esteem. In general, friendship is doing good, to each other. The indispensable condition of a camaraderie is communicative and affectionate treatment, in addition, good communication is what allows it to be given and received. Friendship is fostered by behaving well with people, showing help, and sharing joys and sorrows.

What is friendship

Friendship occurs when two or more individuals relate to each other according to situations, elements or characteristics that they have in common, for example, personal interests, pleasures, tastes or qualities. To make friends you need respect, understanding and esteem.

The term has its genesis in the Latin “amicus”, which means friend and which, in turn, comes from the word to love, which means confidant or favorite of a monarch. It is also said that the term comes from the Latin “amicitas”, whose meaning is related to good vibes, relationships and selfless affection.

To make friends you need respect, understanding and esteem. Friends do not impose their ideas, in fact, they tend to debate, share different anecdotes or things, reach different agreements to avoid being on bad terms, respect opinions and encourage the rest to move forward.

A good fraternity is so important today, that the day of love and friendship was created to commemorate the good deeds of St. Valentine of Rome. The day of love and friendship is celebrated on February 14 and different gifts tend to be given to the closest people, couples, spouses, etc.

Although generally, on February 14 short friendship poems or images of friendship are usually exchanged, as they are personal, intimate and quite significant presents. Fraternal bonds can be born very quickly or take time to forge and later strengthen.

Some disappear over time, while others last for many years and even a lifetime. No matter which of the two cases is presented, in both, the value of friendship is strengthened, it becomes a precious and incalculable relationship.

Characteristics of friendship

Friends generally fulfill a special function, and that is social support. Companionship generates an essential personal acceptance to be part of a society, which is precisely why it has a series of characteristics that, in turn, divide the types of camaraderie that exist today.

Best friends

This category is extremely strong because there is a connection that goes beyond small talk for a day. A true friend makes people realize the mistakes that have been made, to exalt the virtues and to be there in good and bad experiences or moments, either to accompany or to support decision-making.

Sometimes, a best friend may give friendship poems to show that they have their support or to lift the spirits of the opposite. Here, the value of what a friend is grows 100%.

Friends with benefits

It is a relationship that combines the affection of fraternal affection with the attitudes of a sentimental couple. The modality of being able to mate or have sexual relations existed before, but in this aspect the aim is to maintain appreciation, without reaching something more romantic, with less emotional obligation and without reaching a formal courtship.

Generally, people who have this type of relationship are called fuck friends, buddies or friends with rights.

friendship contract

This document does not have any type of legal validity, it is just a way of expressing the commitment and affection that you have towards another person. The subjects reach an agreement where they develop some rules to maintain the friendship, for example: see each other several days a week, go for a walk, stipulate the things they do not like, etc. This shows the intentions they have and reinforces the fraternal bond. This is a common modality in adolescents and tends to be very intense and long lasting.


The term is the opposite of friendship, in fact, it is born due to personal experiences that end in discussions with people close to the social circle, family and even a couple. It can arise from envy, from not accepting social conditions, from the appearance of the opposite or from religion. It is a rejection, hatred or aversion towards a person called an enemy.

importance of friendship


The importance of having a relationship of attachment or affection with another person is not only based on writing or receiving friendship poems or establishing friendship phrases alluding to philosophy to get out of the monotony.

The importance of this relationship or feeling lies in living deep experiences, creating or forging links, respecting, loving and supporting others.

This type of relationship has different facets that feed friendship, which can be divided into 5 practical elements with different characteristics that promote or explain the importance of the affective relationship.

The first is joy and enthusiasm. Having a friend makes recreational activities that last in human memory. They are joyful experiences that change the perspective of people’s lives, are part of the motivations to get ahead and strengthen the loving or affective bond between two or more subjects.

The second element is the feeling of belonging to a group, of feeling included or of thinking and feeling that one belongs to a place. It is to feel important, essential and valuable for a group of people where there are plans, ideas, advice and experiences lived or to live.

The third facet is mental health and this is really the most important thing in a friendship. People sometimes go through complicated situations where they feel down and have the intention of leaving everything aside or disappearing. This is where affective relationships should intervene to let that person know that they are not alone, that they have a lot of support and that they cannot be carried away by emotions. Words of encouragement improve self-esteem and strengthen mental health.

The next element is physical health and although many think that it has nothing to do with friendship, psychologists actually claim that affective relationships generate endorphins that provide the sensation or feeling of happiness, this makes the immune system stronger and prevent the spread of diseases.

Finally, in feeling of protection and company, which refers to the fact that having healthy friendships allows people to move away from loneliness, anxiety and depression.

friendship gallery

In this section, users will be able to find different images of friendship, love and even friendship poems to share with the dearest people around them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Friendship

What is friendship as a value?

It is associated with respect, love, sincerity and commitment to close people.

What is friendship for children?

It is considered as a fundamental value of respect and love.

What does the day of love and friendship mean?

It is Valentine’s Day in Rome and is celebrated to commemorate the good deeds of Valentine.

How to make a friendship card?

You can take a sheet of any type or color and write phrases or poems about friendship.

What is true friendship?

It is the feeling of loving and supporting another person without expecting anything in return.