free indexing

Indexing is understood as the process of detailed description of the content of a writing or document, extracting, mainly, keywords that adequately represent the text. Its main use is when files are to be retrieved or searched within a retrieval system, organization or warehouse, to reduce search and dissemination time. It is moderated under the ISO 5963 standard, imposed in 1985. Specifically, a kind of index is prepared that helps for each document, which not only contains words of great importance within the content, but also summaries of it are included, as well as than the breakdown or analysis of the topic. Similarly, it is governed by a policy, which may vary depending on the institution that employs it, although these are always portrayed in special manuals for them.

As in many processes that include classification and analysis of documents, this consists of some stages, such as: carefully reading the subject matter of the document; choose the essential points in the topic; break down the chosen concepts with specific words, or place it under a controlled vocabulary; Finally, connections are established between the terms finally extracted from the text. Therefore, free indexing is the process in which a summary with key terms of a document is proposed, with the difference that, in the phase of placing it under a controlled vocabulary, it is not used, but the words are proposed by the subject that performs the activity or are taken directly from the document.