Etymologically, the forest word comes from the Latin “forestālis” which means “corresponding or belonging to forests and the use of firewood, pasture, among others.” Forestry refers to an activity that is responsible for studying, promoting and executing projects, which in this case would be talking about forests, because they are natural processes that can be replaced. In addition, afforestation is the specialty that is in charge of the cultivation of forests or mountains as well as in charge of the requested activities that are carried out by a matter.

In the area of ​​afforestation, there is also talk of forestry, which deals with the care and surveillance of forests, hills or mountains in which it extends beyond science, which are the most convenient to apply in forest masses. , with the aim of being able to achieve a production of goods and services that can meet the needs and demands of a society.

The most common forestry activity is the project, the change and the destruction of trees, which is also known by the name of artificial forests that are destined for their exploitation of wood, in addition, forestry work is related to the growth of new tree varieties. , as well as to the study of the existing ones, to the healthy and ecological investigation of the environment.

On the other hand, afforestation is responsible for harvesting trees such as pine, elder and other types of trees, among these trees we can mention the trees that bear fruit with the aim that each tree that is cut down for human acquisition is replaced by another. tree that can take its place and thus natural resources will not end and stop global warming.