Prognosis is a word that comes from the Latin “prognosticum”, it refers to the advance knowledge of what may happen in the future through some signs, symptoms, suspicions, intuitions, previous history, studies carried out, among others, which begins to be made based on advertisement.

The concept of forecasting is usual in meteorology. The forecasts are reported, which, according to the analysis of the meteorological conditions, reveal what will happen with the weather in the coming days. In this way, the forecast can predict if the days will be sunny or rainy, announce that hail will fall, prevent if there will be strong winds, etc. He evaluated that it is necessary to use several devices and satellites, it is based on scientific information, the weather forecast is not guaranteed, since the environments can vary without previous signs.

In medicine, the prognosis, usually of a disease, is the fusion of antecedents that medical science has about the possibility of some situations occurring over time or the natural history of the disease. It is the prophecy of the events that will occur in the progress of a disease in statistical methods. It is a prototype of clinical judgment.

The forecast has been developed towards the request plan industry in the daily market forecast. The application of the demand plan also refers to the forecast of the supply series. Then we say that the forecasts are critical and consistent methods that are required to achieve good results during the organization of a project. If we catalog them with respect to the period they reach, they can be classified into:

  • Short-term forecasts: In modern companies, this kind of forecast is executed every month or less days, and its planning period is valid for one year. It applies to supply schedules, production, job assignment to payrolls, and manufacturing office planning.
  • Medium-term forecasts: this encompasses a period of six months to three years. This is used to evaluate sales plans, manufacturing, cash outflows and inflows, and budget preparation.
  • Long-term forecasts: This class is used in the programming of new investments, technological trends of materials, launch of new products, methods and products, as well as in the preparation of projects.