A footman is what is normally called the servant in livery, whose main job was to accompany his boss on foot, on horseback or in a carriage. In past times, this character was a servant who accompanied his master to all military, political meetings, or social events, regardless of how, that is, he could move on foot, walking in front of the cavalry, on horseback or using any other means of transportation. It should be clarified that the lackey differed from the servant itself, due to the fact that the servant was a useful element within what was domestic service, instead the lackeys were worth as figures of ostentation in the worldly life of the wealthiest people. of the time. Following this same line, in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries the era of feudal lords was established, and at that time the more lackeys accompanied the master, he was a symbol of the wealth and power that said master possessed.

These individuals were characterized by their good presence, always dressed in their liveries and fine silk, and due to the fact that their functions were of great importance they received a solid cultural education, so that in social acts they could perform some musical performance, recite verses, or also interpret an instrument. On the other hand, within the military world, lackey is the name by which a foot soldier was designated, who accompanied a knight in war and who was also characterized by carrying a crossbow.

Today the term lackey is used in colloquial language to designate a man without dignity, servile, who lowers himself, and humiliates himself for simple speculation. This term is closely related to employees, especially those who are part of the public administration of a country, who are normally subjected to all work and humiliation by the employer, in order to win the favor of their superiors, and to have someone in power, to ensure their continuity in the position.