Flatus comes from the Latin “flatus”, “wind” that refers to abdominal pain that sometimes arises when performing some type of physical exercise, which occurs in the chest area, specifically in the region of the human body between the base of the neck and shoulders to the abdomen, located in the front, opposite the back, and the groin, which is the part of the body where the thigh meets the torso, often called the stomach region or belly in the case of the woman. This pain is produced by the friction of the inflamed stomach with the diaphragm. In some countries this phenomenon is known as “horse” or “glass” pain.

With respect to flatus there are different theories about the causes that originate it.

Like the insufficient blood that goes to the diaphragm, which is a muscular tissue of the main part of breathing.

In the part of the theory, it indicates that the stomach rubs when it is full with the peritoneum, which is the membrane that covers the interior of the abdomen and forms several folds that surround the viscera contained in it.

In order to prevent flatus it is advisable to eat food 2 or 3 hours after performing an activity that is related to physical exercise and avoid foods with a lot of sugar, fat and salt, on the other hand it is recommended to drink a lot but in small sips which is the amount of liquid that is drunk at one time and it is recommended not to drink carbonated beverages. If you feel any pain, it is recommended that you stop doing the activity, bend forward and press by massaging the non-painful areas.