First aid

First aid is aid mechanisms that are carried out in the event of an accident in the first instance, a subject who has suffered some type of accident at the time of being treated by competent personnel will receive first aid, which includes improvised techniques up to high-skill tasks performed by qualified personnel. First aid is not necessarily given by the medical authorities who appear at the scene of the accident to control the situation, there may also be cases in which the scene makes the immediate presence of a rescue team impossible, so the situation must be solved in some way, implementing necessary practices quickly by the individual who is closest.

These primary aids are necessary and fundamental, they precede the assistance received in the hospital, which is already complete and more specific care where studies and analyzes, checks and methods are carried out to solve the case. The ideal way to provide first aid is to have some basic nursing knowledge.

This type of assistance, therefore, usually takes place at the scene of the accident or where the victim experiences sudden symptoms. Given the characteristics of the situation, these first aid can save a person’s life.

To speak of a simple and common example, a traffic accident, two cars collide generating injuries and even the death of the passengers of the vehicles involved, in the first instance a rescue team will be assigned with the appropriate methods to save people in danger. of death. This team will have key tools when it comes to safeguarding the life of a person in this situation, for example, a first aid kit, metal cutting and biasing tools, fire fighting equipment, ambulance to transfer the injured to the hospital center where they will receive full attention and police officers who will initiate inquiries about the accident.

The first aid kit contains all the necessary implements for the control and protection of the life of a patient, in it there are medical utensils to stop bleeding, hemorrhage and more, soothing for people who have panic attacks or nervousness. It is essential that in a first aid kit the presence of: alcohol, cotton, adhesive cloth, gauze, bandages and neutral soap, iodine solution, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, distilled water, tweezers among other components.