The word term comes from the Latin “termĭnus” which means “to set limits”. The word term according to the dictionary of the real academy has multiple meanings, within which one of its main meanings is used to describe the last point or station where something in particular ends or arrives, that is, this word is fully related to the end of something; therefore it can also mean or allude to the end, border, or margin that shows something immaterial. In another sense in grammar this word or word also makes its appearance to talk about a part, word, piece or particle of a sentence, message or phrase.

In mathematics, each of the pieces or fractions that are related to each other by the addition and subtraction signs in an analytical expression is called a term; the numerator or denominator of a fraction and the middle term is that amount resulting from adding several others and dividing the sum by the number of them. On the other hand, term in law is that moment when the term agreed for the fulfillment of an obligation or duty expires or ends; and in plural terms are the particles found in a contract or piece of paper where certain agreements are established, that is, they are conditions that establish or establish various parties involved in order to be fulfilled, and failure to do so could cause certain sanctions for said breach . Finally, another possible meaning of this voice is found in linguistics, where the term is a symbol or sign that emerges by convention or agreement that is used to cite objects that are equivalent to words, usually nouns.