Final solution

The Final Solution is the term used by the Nazis to identify their genocidal plan against the Jewish population in Europe during World War II. This phrase was stamped by Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi underling who was in charge of supervising this campaign, called reinstatement. After the second war began, it was that “the final solution” was made known as the Holocaust, this process involved the methodological extradition and annihilation of all those persons classified as Jews by the Nazis, regardless of whether it was certainly the religion that they would carry out.

Adolf Hitler wrote his first political document in September 1919, where he indicated that the “Jewish question” had to be solved with the complete elimination of the Jews in Europe, this problem had to be executed not in an emotional way, through mass lynchings, but through efficient planning. For Adolf Hitler the Jewish question was the fundamental issue of Nazism.

The harassment and discrimination of the Jews were executed in different cycles. In the summer of 1934 the Nazis came to power, they imposed racism in the anti-Semitic laws, with the Nuremberg legislation which was accepted in September 1935, where the nationality of the Reich was rejected to the Jewish Germans, and codes were also established where marriage between non-Jewish Germans and Jewish Germans was prohibited, in this way they were being displaced and all rights as residents were ripped away.

November 1938 boycotts and mass lynching of Jews, this day is commonly known as the night of broken glass, where more than 30,000 Jewish people were banished en masse to the notorious Buchenwald, Dachau, and Sachsenhausen concentration camps .

In the two largest crematoria were built between 1942-1943. Each of them had underground gas chambers and dressing rooms, where more or less 2,000 corpses could be burned in 24 hours. The corpses were transferred to the ovens by elevators to the top floor.

Later, two ovens were created plus III and IV where more than 1,500 bodies could be incinerated in 24 hours.