The word figure can be used in different environments, said voice comes from the Latin «figure» which means the image of a product that is modeled or shaped; with the suffix «ura» that marks an activity or a result. Firstly, figure is understood to be the external appearance or image of an element or body by which it differs from another. In art this term is used to name a monument statue or painting that personifies a man or animal. Or to mention something that means, represents or symbolizes something different.

In geometry, we call a set of closed lines over a space figure or figures and its purpose is to represent an object or shape that has a series of elements such as dimensions, structures, spaces, etc. here we talk about geometric figures such as the square, rectangles among others. The name is also attributed to the musical note that represents a note or a silence. Another of its many uses is to refer to a celebrity or important person who stands out in an activity as such; like a famous actor or musician. In the game of cards or decks, each card that represents a person is called, these are the jack, horse and king. On the other hand, a figure is a ridiculous, unpleasant and bad-looking person.

This word also has a use in the environment of literature, where it speaks of rhetorical figures that are the resources and techniques that a poet uses to better express what he feels and show his emotions, they are also called literary figures such as simile, hyperbole, allegory among others.