Feticide is the interruption of the development of a fetus when it is determined that its sexual organs are female. The general consensus around the practice of feticide establishes its rapid growth since the arrival of ultrasound devices, since they allow knowing the sexual phenotype in advance.

In 1990, Amartya Sen wrote an article entitled “More than 100 million women disappeared” 1 [Más de 100 millones de mujeres desaparecidas]referring to the absence of such a large number of women on the Asian continent and pointing to infanticide and feticide of women as the main cause of this phenomenon.

Since then, and despite the fact that female feticide has historically been present in the reality of that continent, they began to study it in greater depth, also arguing that it is in our time that the greatest demographic imbalance against women has been reached. that could have caused the human.

Studies on female feticide have focused on the Asian part of the world, specifically China and India, where demographic figures are clear indicators of its profound presence. In the light of these studies we will try to discover the explanatory factors of the phenomenon, as well as its consequences.

The rejection of female feticide has become in some cases the object of ideological tension. There are groups that defend the fetus in any case, in some cases even using the word “fetus” considering that, from the first moment of conception, the existence of a boy or a girl is assured. In another area, there are some groups that, when designating the defenders of reproductive autonomy, affirm that no limits should be imposed on any type of voluntary interruption of pregnancy (IVE) for whatever reason, so that they do not condemn female feticide .

They also claim that its realization finds legitimacy as a survival strategy for women in patriarchal societies, opposing any kind of partisan or imperialist vision that tells women what to do with their bodies.

Feticide is an obvious fact: ending the life of a human fetus. For some it is a murder and has no justification, since human life must be protected from the moment of conception. This position is rejected by those who consider that their cultural traditions legitimize feticide.