The term ferry, ferry or ferry is used to designate ships or boats that are characterized by the transport of passengers, as well as vehicles and cargo from medium to short distances. In general, the ferry service is round trip and they operate on the basis of a permanent service that can be hired throughout the day, unlike other means of transport such as the plane or certain trains.

In the case of cities or spaces where there is an important water course, ferries and ferries always play a fundamental role. In general, we can find ferries that are dedicated to the transport of tourists and that are, therefore, more luxurious and ostentatious. However, in most cases the ferries are used by the inhabitants of the area as a means of daily public transport. This is why it is common to see certain types of ferries full of people going to or coming from work.

Of course, the types of ships can be very varied because while some are very traditional and maintain their most original characteristics, there are others that are truly modern and have a significant number of services for passengers (entertainment, relaxation, information, etc. . ). Some of the most modern ferries can become gigantic ships with two or three floors and other facilities of various kinds, at the same time, as in airplanes, they divide their sectors into classes, so that boarding tickets can reach be very expensive.

The differences can also be made visible in the type of machinery and computer center with which the ship is directed, with the capacity they have not only for standing passengers but especially for cars and other vehicles such as motorcycles and bicycles, Ship float system , etc. All these elements make the ferry very different from one case to another, although it maintains the idea that it is an accessible, fast and safe service.