It is the set of political and social movements that support the freedom of women in all aspects of daily life. Currently there are many organizations that defend gender equality in the world and highlight the importance of women in life, not only because of their role in the reproduction and subsequent education of children, but also because of the rights that they should have. With the passage of time, feminism has been openly accepted and has transcendentally modified the different social studies, which in turn have given way to gender studies, which seek to analyze separately the behavior of men and women, to observe how they influence each other.

The female vote was one of the many events that marked the beginning of feminism. This is because women were considered inferior to men, so they had no right to anything, that is, they were at the level of an animal. The behavior mentioned above was very common and had an unconventional root: biblical beliefs; In the sacred book, the participation of women in the formation of the church is highlighted, but she did not play any important role, with some exceptions.

During times after the writing of the book, this was taken much more seriously and women were actually destined to belong to a very low stratum. Feminism was born, in a few words, as a solution to the oppression exerted by men towards women, for which they wanted to live together in an equitable way. It all started with protests and soon there were large groups of women immersing themselves in a constant struggle for women’s liberation. Currently feminism is considered a movement of great importance for society and its development.