Fellatio is a sexual practice that consists of introducing the male sexual organ into the mouth of another individual, who in turn is stimulated with any type of interaction that may exist between a mouth and the sexual organ of a man. Fellatio does not cover the entire concept of oral sex, because this term is aimed only at sucking the penis and not the vagina, this type of oral sex in which the mouth makes contact with the female member is known as cunnilingus According to the etymology of the term, it comes from the Latin term “Fellatio” which means “Suck”.

The practice of fellatio was a taboo for a long time, society was not allowed to talk about any manifestation of sex because this could be cumbersome in some areas of society. However, fellatio dates back to really ancient and mythological times, hundreds of sculptures in which fellatio is practiced have been discovered in the different ancient architectural structures. The different types of fellatio go according to the position that the bodies adopt and from this new theories arise in which this practice is a complex procedure. In addition to this, homosexuality opens the way to many more forms of fellatio.

Irrumation is when the mouth remains calm while the male member repeatedly enters and exits on its own, but it is more than just a technical term to note that it is a moment in which the mouth does not move. The 69 is one of the positions in which fellatio and cunnilingus or fellatio between men can be performed at the same time, since oral sex is performed in inverted positions.

Fellatio is a very common type of oral sex, within sexology research it has been discovered that this is one of the first ways in which sex between young couples is manifested, due to the simplicity and ease with which it is executed In addition, in the modern era, it is considered that at least 9 out of 10 couples perform this type of act.