Food is the action and effect of eating, as defined by the Spanish Royal Academy. This is a word that comes from the Latin “alimentum” which means food. Food is the action by which food is provided or supplied to the body, this includes the selection of food, preparation or cooking and its ingestion; foods that provide substances that we call nutrients and vitamins, which are needed to maintain good health and prevent disease. All this depends on the needs of each individual, availability of said foods, religion, culture, economic and/or social situation, among others. Feeding is a voluntary act or event, which is learned throughout life and one of the most fundamental in the world of living beings, due to its relationship to their daily survival.

Living beings need a balanced diet, in addition to water, which is vital, they need an adequate diet which must contain a series of proteins, carbohydrate lipids, vitamins and minerals essential for good health and life. Currently, the diet is extremely unbalanced, adding to this a sedentary life, is what causes the suffering of many diseases.

To have a good and healthy diet, the food pyramid was created, which were created since the early 1970s, and have been modified or updated over the years, it is made up of groups; where in the first it is made up of cereals, rice, then fresh vegetables and legumes follow; followed by fresh fruits, then oils and fats, the next group by dairy products and the last group made up of meat, fish and dried vegetables. This is the version introduced by the United States Department of Agriculture and was updated in 2011.