Feedback is a word extracted from the English word, adapted to several languages, such as Spanish, which is one of them. Its origin is from the field of technology and computing, because it is said that there is Feedback between two components when there is an exchange of data, command or essential information for the main function that is carried out. A Feedback is produced in cybernetic matter when two devices that are connected to each other (such as a keyboard with the computer) share their functions through their own communication language, it is also considered a Feedback when a connected equipment together with others of the The same species are connected to a network and a guiding axis when they issue an order and assimilate it to work according to it.

If Feedback is a connection, an exchange of data, and it is a term that at the time was applied to various technical fields, why not relate it to everyday life? Starting from this simple idea, many terms take a plural path of knowledge and are easily adapted to any language. Feedback is used in any field to define the relationship that two objects have with each other, when they have some data or process to share in common. Between ideas, there may be Feedback, in a couple of people who are discussing a policy issue and share the same ideology, they may feel like each other, sharing the same thought or ideal.

When a teacher knows how to address his audience of students and they participate, collaborate, and understand in class, he feels like there is a link between both parties that are close by a commitment that is to attend class. Today, technology offers us the possibility of participating in an online society, social networks allow the interaction of millions of people through a complex communication system, this is a Feedback between people and machines, which They interact with their own interests in the community, but this at the same time uses the different advertising and sponsorship channels to fulfill its economic duties.