Fascism is a movement and political and social system of a totalitarian nature, opposed to liberalism and parliamentary democracy in Europe, of a violent nature and politically located on the right. The origin of this doctrine was due to the social and economic crisis of the postwar period, and to national resentments; the Italian people were upset and disappointed by the poor political and economic results achieved by Italy in the Treaty of Versailles. It was then that Benito Mussolini took advantage of this event, and at the head of a fascist group decided to assault power, achieving it and managing to establish a dictatorship implanted by a totalitarian, nationalist and authoritarian regime.

Fascism is a generic name that also includes German National Socialism and other related doctrines such as Spanish national syndicalism, Japanese Hojinism, etc. This ideology enjoyed greater success in the interwar period in the countries of Eastern and Southern Europe, many think that this phenomenon was typical of Italy and Germany; however, all major European nations, including Britain and France, produced internal fascist movements of various kinds during the 1930s. Fascist doctrine was not only anti-liberal and anti-democratic but also segregationist (the existence of a superior race), and anti-Marxist. Said doctrine subordinated the rights of the person to the needs of the State, it did so with the will of the people and not with violent implantation, but in later years it was necessary with opposition people.

The fascist state structure consists of a single party with a military structure, which monopolizes all civic-democratic activity. At the top of the party and the state was the chief (The Duce in Italy and Fuhrer in Germany), the birth of another type of party was almost impossible due to the strong repression and systematic propaganda of fascism. This ideological doctrine is rejected by the people after the culmination of World War II. However, during the 1980s and 1990s, fascism reappeared in some Western democratic states, thus giving rise to the neofascismbased on racist and xenophobic qualities.