A farce is known as a play, very short and characterized by being comic. Its mission is to entertain and amuse the public. It represents a really old genre, since it emerged during the middle ages. Its appearance is due to the fact that it was seen as an alternative to the other genres that dominated the time and to a certain extent bored the public.

The characters who participated in the farces were distinguished by their exaggeration and buffoonery, although, it is worth noting, that the farce was always very adjusted to the reality of the society in which it is inserted. That is to say that in the farce many of the situations that originate in reality are evidenced, but in an exaggerated way. For this reason, farce is considered one of the ways of making social criticism, but from a humorous perspective.

This type of theatrical works focuses on social life, on religious and ideological positions, on the relationships of individuals, etc. He feeds on them, studies them, which allows them to reach a comical or ridiculous conclusion, but not for that reason illogical. It is a way of revealing everything that is misleading or that could present a double interpretation.

Another of their characteristics is that they always have a happy ending. It never has a tragic ending, like the other works, and they serve to distract people and have fun for a while from their calamities and the restrictions that their own reality has.

Beyond the theatrical field, a farce is also conceived as any lie or entanglement that arises to deceive someone.