The word extreme comes from the word “extremus” which means the outermost and its lexical component is the prefix ex, which indicates the separation from the inside as in extracting, applying and existing. extreme in the area of ​​mathematics we can say that it is a function that indicates that they are the largest or smallest values ​​of an interval, which grabs a function at a point located either in a particular region of the local extreme curve or the power exercised by the function in its entirety of a global or absolute extreme.

The general extreme of the maximum and minimum of a function in an interval, are the largest and smallest elements in the set that can locate the extreme values ​​of a basic goal of search optimization of the best way to perform an activity in mathematics where the interval is also called the absolute minimum and the absolute maximum of a function of an interval.

This area also refers to the physical capacities to be able to develop multiple extreme activities that are found and that more and more people do who like adventures and challenges such as skydiving, dynamic descent in kayaks that is a very light small boat, narrow and elongated, similar to a canoe and used a lot in sports competitions, rock climbing, canyoning and bungee jumping, it is a sports activity that consists of jumping into the void from a bridge, held by an elastic rope that leaves the jumper suspended in the air.