Etymologically, the word expectation comes from the Latin “exspectatum” which means “seen”. An expectation is something that a person believes can happen, it is an assumption that is focused on the future, which may or may not be correct. Psychologically this feeling is usually linked to a logical probability that something will happen; therefore, for an expectation to actually exist, it must be supported, if it were not, then we would be talking about a hope, which can be absurd or supported by faith. If the expectation is not satisfactory, the individual will feel disappointed.

The expectation is considered as a variant of the cognitive nature that proposes the idea of ​​anticipation, whose insertion in psychological studies can be of essential importance since it would have an explanation about the behavior of the social dynamics and even the reason for the different mood swings in people. On the other hand, there is life expectancy, this is linked to the demographic issues of a particular territory and which refers to an assessment of the average number of years that a person or group of people will live in a specific region, this will depend on the constancy in the mortality rates of said region.

When talking about job expectations, it is about the goals that a person has when applying for the job of their dreams. When an individual is looking for a job, he already has in his mind the kind of job he wants and what he wants to achieve for his future, that is, his expectations, which is why when making the resume should make it clear what your job expectations are and the goals you want to achieve with the job you are applying for. When the person expresses in his resume the expectations of him, the recruiter will be able to know better if he is the right person for the position.

Here is an example of how job expectations should be reflected in the resume: “to be able to join a company of great national recognition and where I can put into practice all the learning obtained during the years of study, also to be able to demonstrate my leadership and teamwork skills.