Event is a term that refers to an event given unexpectedly and modifies the circumstances surrounding it. Likewise, it can also be an event undergoing arduous planning, so that each aspect that makes it up is under control. This, mostly, generates confusion regarding the use of the word, since the situation in which it should be used is not specifically known, although both have the approval of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). According to the latter, there are three meanings of the term: that of eventuality (something unexpected), an event (planned) and the event as such (occurrence), this being the one in charge of encompassing the first two.

The event can be motivated by social, sports, political, religious or artistic causes. Generally, it is sought to organize all the factors at stake, in this way the meeting would be carried out as scheduled at the beginning, without any mishap. However, beyond creating these concentrations for human purposes, an event can be, in the scientific field, that event of great importance for the development of life both inside and outside the planet, which can be located within space-time ; For example, the expression “meteorological event” is often used to talk about natural or climatic phenomena.

In computing, an event is translated as the action performed by the user with respect to the program installed on the electronic device. It detects any use of the mouse or keyboard, in order to replicate the commands. They are always configured so that they can detect certain commands, using a complicated binary programming language.