Evangelization is the act of preaching or sharing some of the teachings present in religious books, such as the Bible, in order to make the doctrine known in areas where it is not practiced. It is an almost exclusive custom of the Catholic Church, although their Protestant counterparts have also adopted this practice, giving them even more importance. In general, evangelization activities are organized within the church, assigning certain groups to certain places within the parish; In this way, the message can be delivered in a fast and organized way, trying to attract as many people as possible.

The first evangelistic missions, as shown in the bible, were indicated by Jesus Christ himself. This, being sent by God himself, had the mission of announcing the Good News of the arrival of the new messiah, in addition to converting the peoples into believers of God. Jesus, with his well-known charisma, convinces men to unite in his task of carrying God’s message, in order to constantly build the Church. In addition to rendering obedience to Jesus Christ, he would be helping unbelievers find “salvation.” It is an activity that concerns each and every member of the church.

In the processes of evangelization, basically, the idea of ​​the resurrection of Jesus Christ is shared, as well as a little of his life and work. This is usually done very briefly and over a short period of time, as the listener can get bored. On the part of the Catholic Church, due to the massive increase in people abandoning the Christian faith, it has been decided to renew the methods of evangelization, making them similar to a talk of everyday affairs.