Euphoria is a mental and emotional state in which a person experiences an intense sensation of happiness, well-being, jubilation and excitement, which transcends a feeling of great satisfaction. This feeling can be motivated by some situation of positive emotion and even by ingest some kind of substance. The etymological origin of the word comes from the Greek “εὐφορία” and means “strength to endure” which is why it can also be understood as the ability of people to resist and tolerate pain in adverse situations.

The feeling of euphoria refers to a state of exaltation in the spirit of a person, caused by some situation that causes joy, emotion and even by the intake of a drug or medication, when euphoria is presented promoted by some medicine or drug it is very Frequently, the person who presents the state of euphoria instead of receiving some benefit, suffers physical, psychological and emotional damage to his body, such as anxiety, depression and paranoia. It is common for the person in a state of euphoria to express it with laughter, words, shouts, among other things.

The euphoric state can sometimes be contagious, a clear example of this occurs in sports competitions, when millions of people gather around such an event, to enjoy the show and support their team, letting emotions invade them that can trigger the euphoria Sometimes this can be used as a method of manipulation, such is the case of magic events where it is used to distract the audience to prevent it from paying attention to the details that can give away the magician.

A term that is related to euphoria, is that of insipid euphoria, which is nothing more than that state of mind that a person lacks sense, that is, a false joy, this state of mind is very common to see in people who suffer from schizophrenia, since they do not have the ability to connect the environment in which they live with their feelings, therefore they are always in a state of bland euphoria.